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The Politically Astute Project Manager

In this post, we return to the topic of politics in projects. Politics has a bit of a dirty name. It’s associated with false promises, backstabbing, alliances and manipulating others. The worst weakness of Politics is its failure to deliver on its promises. Time and time again we see public politicians or business leaders failing to deliver the…

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How project managment courses will make you a great project manager

A world in which every project is a success?

“We know why projects fail, we know how to prevent their failure — so why do they still fail?” Martin Cobb, CIO, Treasury Board Secretariat, 1995. The reasons why projects fail are well understood they include[i] Poor project definition including announcing major funding decisions before the business case has been fully developed. Optimistic assessment of…

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Project Completion Estimates

Is Any Project Ever Truly Successful?

So many projects of all different types fail to live up to our initial expectations that you might wonder if any project could ever be considered successful when compared against the original expectations. At the start of a project there is usually a very clear idea of what should be achieved by the end of…

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The Successful Project – Is It Just a Myth?

Many of us will have embarked on a project with a very clear idea of what we want to achieve at the end of it. We are confident that we are organised, logical and capable of completing the project successfully. We have the right people with the right skills working on it. What could possibly…

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