Parallel Project Training Launch APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management

To widen its range of product offering Parallel Project Training has today launched the APM Introductory Certificate in project management. This course is ideally suited to those new to project management who want to understand the core behaviours, processes and tools of project management. Delivered over two days this course is supported by high quality pre-course material including podcasts and mobile e-learning. The course is available both as part of our public programme and for in-house corporate clients.

The course covers the following topics.

  1. Project Management in Context;
  2.  Planning and Strategy;
  3.  Executing the Strategy
  4. Project Management Techniques;
  5. Business and Commercial;
  6. Organisation and Governance;  

For more information on the APM introductory Certificate in Project Management visit

Our learning material for this course includes mobile learning for you use before you start the course

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