Parallel Discussion

The Politically Astute Project Manager

In this post, we return to the topic of politics in projects. Politics has a bit of a dirty name. It’s associated with false promises, backstabbing, alliances and manipulating others. The worst weakness of Politics is its failure to deliver on its promises. Time and time again we see public politicians or business leaders failing to deliver the…

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Cross Cultural Project Teams

Project Management Around The World

Managing Global Projects & What I’ve Learnt About Outsourcing Thinking about what to write for this #PMFlashBlog I started recalling my first foray into the world of project management. I had been working for some years for a blue-chip organisation, designing and developing bespoke software systems for internal use. But as with many large organisations…

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Project Management Education

Frequently Asked Questions About Project Management

Here are answers to some basic questions for those new to project management or considering it as a career choice. Feel free to comment on these answers or ask your own question.   What is Project Management? Project Management is the use of skills, knowledge, processes, and activities to reach a defined end-result that could…

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Is a career in project management right for me?

Some project managers train specifically for a professional role in project management right from the start, whilst others progress through their organization in different roles, and at some point identify project management as a role they would like to take on. Sometimes it is a role that you fall into by accident or one that…

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Adrian Taggart – Project Manager Interview

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Adrian Taggart, one of the Parallel Project Training Associates, about his career in project management. He has had experience in a range of different roles and organisations so it was very interesting finding out about his background and he has plenty of good advice to offer both…

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Jan Underdown Project Manager

Jan Underdown – Project Manager Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to Jan Underdown, one of the Associates and a Project Management trainer with Parallel Project Training. She told me something of her background, how she got into project management and some of her thoughts on what skills are important for a project manager. Biography Jan has over 20…

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Project Management in 2013

One of the aspects of project management that I enjoy is the fact that it changes over time – new approaches, changes to existing methodologies, a growing reliance on project management within organisations of all sizes and simply more projects. This all means that more is expected of project managers but it also means we…

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Interview with John Bolton

The second in a series of interviews with project managers…   John Bolton is an experienced project management professional with particular expertise in the management of all types of projects and programmes across both the public and private sector. He is a registered Managing Successful Programmes Advanced Practitioner, a Registered Project Professional and PMP certified.…

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Interview with Paul Naybour

Paul Naybour is an experienced project management professional with particular expertise in change programme management, risk management, earned value management and project management training development and delivery. His academic background includes a BSc (Hons) from the University of Manchester, an MBA in Project Management and he is PMP certified. Past projects have included managing the…

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PMP Certification A Project Manager’s Next Best Step

Financial ventures and creative campaigns today happen on much larger scales than they have in the past due to the evolution of communications and the global marketplace. For this reason endeavors such as these involve many more people. It is essential to have project managers that can maintain the integrity and direction of such projects…

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